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Psychedelic Integration for Professionals 

Helping practitioners, therapists, & coaches enhance their skills to effectively and safely provide integration care for their clients.

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Why should I take this course?

Designed for professionals looking to deepen their understanding and application of psychedelic integration tools & practices.

The Recíproco Method psychedelic integration course is for professionals supporting those exploring altered states of consciousness, both substance and non-substance induced. We incorporate knowledge from diverse realms including clinical psychology, neuroscience, mind-body therapy, shamanic culture and ecology.

Recíproco Courses

Signature Course: LIve Cohort 

6-Week Training: Psychedelic Integration for Professionals

(Next live cohort date: October 22, 2024
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100% online
Self-paced VIDEO LECTURE, Exercises, & Activities led by our experts.
Live sessions focused on applied & group learning
40+ hours
of learning, including video lessons, 20 hours of live facilitated class, 100+ Page integration handbook, guided practices & bonus practice videos
Expert teachers
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What's included?

Video Lectures

Video series with theory and practical aspects to psychedelic integration.

Take-Home Exercises

Exercises following each of the modules to apply your learnings and practice integration at home, including reflections, guided meditations, and somatic exercises.

Live Webinar Facilitation

Live facilitated exercises to apply your knowledge, led by Recíproco Method founders Amánda & Sascha.

Integration Handbook

The Recíproco Method professional integration handbook, including an integration starter guide.

Live Facilitated Discussion

Live discussion and Q&A with Amánda and Sascha and an opportunity to engage with and learn from other students in the cohort.

Community Platform

Dedicated interactive platform with moderation by course facilitators.

Self-paced course

Psychedelic Integration for Professionals 101: Self-Paced

Our self-paced, pre-recorded course offering on the fundamentals of psychedelic integration. For practitioners, therapists, coaches, and facilitators to learn the basics of  effectively and safely providing  integration care for their clients. 
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100% online
Self-paced Content featuring VIDEO LECTURES, Exercises, & Activities led by our experts.
6 Modules
of learning, including video lessons, 100+ Page integration handbook, guided practices & bonus practice videos
Expert teachers
merging trauma-informed approaches with traditional applications. Led by Recíproco founders & insight sessions with guest experts
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Benefits of our courses

Professional Skills Enhancement

This course broadens your professional toolkit by providing psychedelic integration theory & practice, thereby enhancing your ability to support others and yourself through transformative journeys.

Personal Growth

The program focuses on learnings through self-reflection and experience. 

Community Connection

Our dedicated platform connects you with a like-minded community, fostering an environment of mutual learning and specialized skills exchange
(available for our live cohorts only).

Learning Objectives

Integration 101

 Understand key theoretical principles of psychedelic integration.

Integrative Method

 Learn the fundamentals of our unique Recíproco Method and its embodied application.

 Develop skills for providing reciprocal, integrative care using somatic, emotional, cognitive, and transpersonal techniques.

Traditional Wisdom

 Explore the influence of traditional wisdom on integration 

Practical Approaches

 Acquire a variety of practical tools for practicing integration

 Embodiment practices to support integration

Neuroscience of Altered States

 Learn introductory neuroscience of altered-states and integration.

Ethics & Legal

 Broaden your understanding of the ethical and legal considerations of working with altered-states
The RecÍproco Method founders

Your Teachers

Amánda Argot Efthimiou

Founder INTEGRA, Educator, Facilitator, Writer
MSc Neuroscience & Psych
"Integration is the bridge between the science & the sacred, the clinical & the ritual."
Amánda Argot Efthimiou is a psychedelic wellness educator, coach, and facilitator bridging neuroscience with sacred traditions. She founded INTEGRA to design altered-states integration programs & training for professionals. She has extensive experience through her non-profit work facilitating bio-culture preservation of indigenous medicines in the Amazon basin. She received her MSc in Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health where she focused on the integrative effects of plant-based medicines with traditional psychotherapy. 

Sascha Anna Vriend

Clinical Psychologist & Mind-Body Therapist
BSc Psych, MSc ClinPsych, & LCHP (Licensed Clinical and Health Psychologist)
"Integration is a movement towards wholeness."
Sascha Anna Vriend is a certified Clinical Psychologist also trained in Theory and Techniques of Body Psychotherapy (Bioenergetics, Biosynthesis, Vegetotherapy, breath work, expressive art therapy and Integrative Massage), as well as altered states of consciousness. She's worked extensively supporting people with Trauma, chronic illness, and other emotionally challenging conditions. She believes in being of service within an inside-out philosophy, where transformation that starts within the individual and emanates to their relationships, community and wider ecosystem.

What our students are saying 

This course has been an amazing learning experience and gave me so many new perspectives on integration. I enriched my knowledge and my practical toolbox, I progressed into my own professional practice and personal reflection. Amanda and Sascha are very knowledgeable, very generous in sharing their experience, and have built a wonderful learning container which is a true gift for professionals in the field of psychedelics, but also to non-professionals. I warmly recommend that course !
I was very happy with how Sascha and Amanda taught us about integration from a practical point of view while keeping it amazingly light and accessible. As someone working in this field I'm convinced we need more of these offerings. If you are interested in integration, as a professional or for your own personal growth, this would be the perfect retreat for you.
Andrés Rose, Founder of
I learned how this method brings together two approaches that seemed difficult to reconcile: the scientific/clinical approach and the spiritual/shamanic approach. I feel more confident in the way I practice integration and I know that the knowledge learned in this training was fundamental. The interaction between all participants is also a factor to be highlighted as it allows the creation of a support network for those who work in this area professionally. 

More love from the Recíproco community

Inspiring, supportive and informative! If you are curious about what psychedelic integration is and how you could better support yourself through transformative experiences, Amánda and Sacha will hold a beautiful space for you!
This has been such a deep journey into what it means to be in an altered-state and what it means to integrate all the emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations that surface before, during, and after the process. I can only recommend this to any professional wanting to work/expand in the integration space.
Your model is a beacon in this field. It's both innovative and deeply respectful of the roots from which it grows, setting a new standard for his evolving discipline.


Is this course only for licensed, accredited, or trained practitioners?

The Recíproco Method course is not only for seasoned health professionals like a psychologist, or psychotherapist but also those who play a pivotal role in providing care and support (such as a coach, mentor, or facilitator). Our approach is inclusive yet focused, welcoming individuals who are either already immersed in or are aspiring to step into roles that involve guiding and nurturing others. *Note that this course does not qualify you to be a psychedelic-assisted therapist, psychologist, or psychotherapist, and should be regarded as a specialized course in integration content to complement your professional work, any trainings you have, or any trainings you may acquire in the future. It serves as extension to your current knowledge for those who are already trained in other modalities and an introduction for those who wish to step into integration. 

Are there any pre-requisites to enroll?

The course is for professionals (such as facilitators, therapists, clinicians, coaches, & guides) who are currently or aspiring to support those exploring altered states of consciousness, both substances and non-substance induced. This includes classic psychedelic substances (like psilocybin, LSD, DMT, etc) as well as breathwork, meditation, trance movement, and others. 

Personal Experience with Altered States: Is encouraged, either substance induced or non-substance induced altered states, such as meditation, breathwork, or others. 

Supportive Role:
Experience supporting others in any space-holding capacity is encouraged but not required, whether in a clinical and/or therapeutic setting, a ceremonial setting, or trip-sitting and harm reduction context. 

Openness to Learning:
This course is for those who are committed to integrating knowledge from different schools of thought, and are curious to learn the diversity of methods for integration of altered-states. 

I'd like to learn more before I commit. How do I contact you?

We're happy to speak to you and address your questions and curiosities about our course material. If you want to have a conversation with one of our teachers, you can email us at to schedule a call. 

When is the next live cohort?

The next live cohort is scheduled for October 22, 2024. 
We also have a self-paced course that you can access anytime. 
Join our mailing list to receive updates on our live cohort course schedule.

Is the course all online?

Our self-paced learning is 100% online, as are our live cohorts. Our live sessions with our cohort courses are held on zoom.

Do you offer payment plans, scholarships, and other financing options?

For our live cohort course programs we offer a payment plan where you can pay for your course in four installments. At course checkout you'll be given the option to choose a payment plan, which is available to all participants.

We also have a limited number of scholarships for those who wish to enroll in our live cohort course. Please email for scholarship requirements and how to apply.

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