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The Psychedelic Integration Guide: Learn the fundamentals

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Learn what are the 4 dimensions of psychedelic integration and the top 5 tips for integrating altered-states into your daily life.

Handbook Overview

We believe in empowering the psychedelic ecosystem by equipping wellness practitioners, therapists, guides, and coaches with the tools to provide reciprocal, integrative, and loving integration care.

What is Psychedelic Integration?

Definitions of key concepts such as: altered-state of consciousness, psychedelic, integration.

Four Dimensions of Integration

Theory about dimensions of Psychedelic Integration: emotional, cognitive, physical and transpersonal.

Five Examples to Integrate

We offer 5 practical guidelines for making the most out of your integration journey.

Pillars of the Recíproco Method

Explore our integrative framework which focuses on integration before, during, and after an experience.
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