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What our students are saying

"This has been such a deep journey into what it means to be in an altered-state and what it means to integrate all the emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations that surface before, during, and after the process. I can only recommend this to any professional wanting to work/expand in the integration space."
Ana S
"The information was well structured with practical, embodied experiences mixed with a variety of integrative tools that are grounded in evidence. Overall the integrity and transparency of the learnings, the content around preparation, and the focus on a trauma-informed approach resonated with me the most."
"I was very happy with how Sascha and Amanda taught us about integration from a practical point of view while keeping it amazingly light and accessible. As someone working in this field I'm convinced we need more of these offerings. If you are interested in integration, as a professional or for your own personal growth, this would be the perfect retreat for you." 
Andres R
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