6-Week Psychedelic Integration Training for Professionals

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  • Author: Recíproco 
  • Handbook
  • Live Classes: 12 hours
  • Take-home activities
  • Starter Guide
  • Community Platform 
Program overview
The psychedelic integration training for professionals is a comprehensive approach that fosters self-awareness and personal growth whilst supplying the theoretical and practical tools required to assist others in their personal integration journeys. Participants will explore various aspects of integration such as preparation, safety, support, post-integration, the self-other or self-client relationship, reciprocity and ethical and legal considerations. By the end of the course, learners will be equipped to better provide integration support for their clients. 

Learning Objectives

Integration, Defined

  Understand key theoretical principles of psychedelic integration.

The Recíproco Method

 Learn the fundamentals of the Recíproco Method and its embodied application. 

 Develop skills for providing reciprocal, integrative care using somatic, emotional, cognitive, and transpersonal techniques.

Traditional Wisdom

 Explore the influence of traditional wisdom on integration.

Practical Approaches

 Acquire a variety of practical tools for practicing integrationSupport offline education with breakthrough online instruction.
 Embodiment practices to support integration.

Neuroscience of Altered States

  Learn introductory neuroscience of altered-states and integration.

Ethics & Legal

 Broaden your understanding of the ethical and legal considerations of working with altered-states

Who is this Training for?

This course is for professionals supporting those exploring altered states of consciousness, both substance and non-substance induced.

 Plant medicine facilitators
 Mental health professionals
 Space holders

When Does the Next Course Start?

Next Cohort Date: TBD

Our cohort is currently in-training.  Join our mailing list to stay tuned for our next cohort dates.  

Join our 6 week Psychedelic Training and learn the fundamentals of psychedelic integration. Become a practitioner and join a professional community. 

Small cohort in a hybrid format combining asynchronous Learning Modules: theoretical readings, knowledge checks, videos, and more. 
Live Online Class Sessions: led by 2 Integration experts and are held on Wednesdays.

6 weeks

Program Length is 6 weeks in part-time.
6 Video lectures (self-paced) 
6 Live Sessions at 120 minutes ea.
Wednesdays at:11pm PST/ 2pm EST/ 7pm WEST/ 8pm CST
All classes & practice sessions are recorded for those of you who cannot attend live.

Course Fee

Includes access to 10+ hours of video lectures, practical exercises, reading lists, and our signature 100+ page integration handbook.

What makes our Course so special?

Discover the benefits of our training program.

Make Integration Accessible and Comprehensive to Everyone 

Our training program is for professionals and all motivated individuals interesting in completing a psychedelic guidance program.

Strengthen professionals' capacity to support integration with their clients

With a blend of theory and practical skills. You will learn mindful Integration techniques to become a Psychedelic Integration ProfessionaL

Pedagogical Approach integrating Neuroscience expertise and ancient spiritual wisdom.

Learn a unique integrative framework to help maximize integration out comes and get a completion certificate "Recíproco Integration Practitioner".

Your Teachers

With more than 15 years experience, Amánda and Sascha draw from rich backgrounds in clinical psychology, traditional practices and ritual, neuroscience, and somatic therapies.
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Amánda Argot Efthimiou
Founder INTEGRA, Educator, Facilitator, Writer. MSc Neuroscience & Psych

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Sascha Anna Vriend
Clinical Psychologist & Mind-Body Therapist 
BSc Psych, MSc ClinPsych, & LCHP (Licensed Clinical and Health Psychologist)

Become a Psychedelic Integration Practitioner in 6 weeks

Video Lectures

Video series with theory and practical aspects to psychedelic integration.

Take-Home Exercises

Exercises following each of the modules to apply your learnings and practice integration at home, including reflections, guided meditations, and somatic exercises.

Live Webinar Facilitation

Live facilitated exercises to apply your knowledge, led by Recíproco Method founders Amánda & Sascha.

Integration Handbook

The Recíproco Method professional integration handbook, including an integration starter guide.

Q&A & Live Discussion

Live discussion and Q&A with Amánda and Sascha and an opportunity to engage with and learn from other students in the cohort.

Community Platform

Dedicated interactive platform with moderation by course facilitators.

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